Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Vision Thing

If you want to succeed at work, in your family and in your community then you need to become a leader. In any organization, there are the followers – the ones who do as others tell them, who choose not to think for themselves and are content to take orders. Then there are the managers, who direct others on how to implement someone else’s idea. And then there are the leaders, the ones who as Stephen Covey puts it, "start with the end in mind" and devise a plan on how to get there. They have the "vision thing," as some call it – they think big picture, they see what others do not and are not afraid of the expanse of their dreams. They are the ones who help organizations take huge leaps forward. Most organizations lack the leadership that they crave and need. Fill that void, and you will transform your organization.

But how do you become a leader? You say you are not the managing partner of your law firm? How can you lead from the middle of the organization or even the bottom? A title is not a prerequisite to be a leader. You do not wait until you have advanced the ranks before becoming a leader. As John Maxwell says, leadership has nothing to do with your position –it has every thing to do with your attitude and your perception of who you are. Start thinking like a leader; start thinking about the bigger picture, and the "end in mind" and develop the "vision thing." And then have the nerve to present your ideas to your firm and put your back into it and put forth the effort to make those ideas into reality. No one is going to make you a leader. You cannot wait until you get a title to become one. You need to create the opportunities, think big and be willing to implement your dreams. Your position may only be "middle management," but others will soon start seeing you as a leader. And with time, your firm will reward you and your title will soon match your efforts. Your title will come to reflect your leadership.

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